Harmonic Arts Herbal Bitters 100ml

Harmonic Arts Herbal Bitters 100ml

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An herbal blend to aid in digestion and relieve flatulence.


Made with Organic Cane Alcohol, Canadian Spring Water, and Organic Herbs: 

Peppermint Leaf 1:6, QCE 7.167mg
Artichoke Leaf 1:6, QCE 21.667mg
Dandelion Root 1:6, QCE 7.167mg
Gentian Root 1:4, QCE 21.75mg
Angelica Root 1:4, QCE 32.5mg
Meadowsweet Herb 1:6, QCE 14.5mg
Chamomile Flower 1:6, QCE 7.333mg
Juniper Berries 1:5, QCE 17.4mg
Ginger Root 1:4, QCE 11mg
Licorice Root 1:4, QCE 32.5mg
Fennel Seed 1:5, QCE 17.4mg
Turmeric Root 1:5, QCE 8.8mg
Cardamom Seed 1:4, QCE 10.75mg (as flavouring)


Shake well. Take 20-30 drops (1-2ml), 2-3 times daily, with water.
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