New Earth Organics Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder 112g

New Earth Organics Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder 112g

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Ingredients: Turkey Tail Mushroom (Coriolis Versicolor)

With its written use dating back over 500 years, Turkey Tail, or as it is known in China, Yun Zhi - "The Cloud Mushroom" has been highly coveted by herbalists for its beneficial effects in replenishing Essence, Vital Energy (immune system) and increasing overall longevity. Traditionally Turkey Tail, a bracket fungi, was consumed as a decocted tea - however we now know that the Mycelium is extremely rich in not only the prized protein-bound polysaccharides such as PSK, but also many novel compounds that support essence and energy with anti-tumoral, anti-viral & anti-inflammatory effects. In Traditional Chinese Medicine Turkey Tail is also used for invigorating the spleen and eliminating dampness. We are proud to offer our Organic Activated Mushroom Powder which allows this food to be conveniently added to dishes as you would any condiment, powder, or superfood. 

Life is too short to live without the New Earth Organics Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder 112g. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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